PatCom Image Pro Camera


PatCom offers the right camera for the right application. The lightweight ImagePro USB is the perfect choice for mobile FEES providers focusing on dysphagia diagnostics. HD resolution is paired with ideal exposure settings so not a frame is missed after the white out. The M-CAM with global shutter technology covers the FEES application perfectly while allowing a clear, artefact-free image while performing video stroboscopy.

PatCom Light Torch


The portable, battery-operated light torch adds daylight balanced best in class LED technology to the equation. The adjustable light intensity allows to adopt to any situation during the FEES exam. Furthermore, the light torch functions as a handle giving the endoscopist a total of 3 anchor points to hold the equipment comfortably and securely.


The endoscope has a 3.4mm outer diameter with a rounded tip, lessening the distal end to only 3.0mm. This allows for easy passage and increases patient comfort but not at the cost of image quality. With 18,000 fibers the image quality is superior even to endoscopes with larger diameters. The benefit to SLPs is especially noticeable when it comes to the smooth toggle that makes it comfortable to perform long FEES exams.

SLPs performing FEES spend more time using the software than any other component of the equipment. The software’s ability to improve quality of the video review and the FEES report are often underestimated. The MediaWorkstation allows video and audio recording, fast forward/backward, bi-directional slow-motion and frame-by-frame review. Still images can be taken from the video to put them into the integrated, fully customizable FEES report. EMR integration via DICOM is possible.

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