Did You Know? Tips and Tricks for Your Equipment

Every equipment has ins and outs that make it work to the best of its abilities. That's why we want to have an ongoing blog post about new tips and tricks to help you keep your PatCom equipment working and running smoothly.

We will be adding to this blog post regularly with new information to help you utilize your equipment and software to its fullest capabilities. Check back in for added tips and tricks.

Battery life:
  • Our two-port battery charger is meant for portability and efficiency. If you feel your batteries are losing their life even after they are fully charged, we have a solution for you. As soon as the batteries are fully charged, remove them from the charging port. If you leave your batteries in the charger while transporting to your next FEES study, some of the battery charge can be drained in transit.

By removing the fully charged batteries from the charger, this prevents drainage. If you feel like two batteries just isn't enough for you and your practice, reach out to us and we can give you resources to access a four bay charger with a digital reading of each battery's voltage.

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